Who We Are

With about 30 years experience in the adult industry we have built up a list of contacts, knowledge, and experience that few can rival.
We buy and sell all kinds of adult and erotic material – Magazines, Books, Posters, Cine Film, DVD’s, Video, etc.


We buy anything that’s legal – we don’t buy the nasty stuff, or sell it. We take a pride in collecting and trading in Vintage items from the last 50 or so years.


Like the collectors we deal with we have an affection for the (mostly) magazines we buy and sell, I guess certain titles remind us of times and places, people, characters, and events. In short our job is not really a job – its fun.
That said we approach our trade with a professional attitude ……


  • We are available by phone, text and email seven days a week

  • We are discreet and easy to deal with

  • We pay fair prices and don’t try to cheat people

  • We buy large or small quantities and we can collect

  • If required we can shred and dispose of items that are sensitive or personal

  • We have a strong recycling ethic. Our very business is based around giving new life to old items and letting new people enjoy them.

Give us a call on 07437 60 70 80.


We will be happy to help and answer questions

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