What We Buy


We buy any adult type magazines from any era. From soft core men’s magazines through to hard core UK, European and Worldwide publications. As long as its legal we will buy it from you. Any quantity from just a few assorted mags right up to a collection of several thousand, we can help!



We buy any porn videos. We will buy any format – VHS, Betamax, Umatic. We will buy any region or country on the planet ie pal secam, pal B, NTSC. Any type of film, any genre, any era ……. as long as its legal we will buy it.



We will buy any quantity of porn dvd’s of any format or region. We will buy either boxed or un boxed but we are not able to buy bootlegs or banned films or films deemed illegal in the UK



We buy any porn books. Whether they are story books, adult novels, graphic novels, or other formats; we buy them all. Any era and any quantity. We will also consider books in almost any language. Give us a call if you have books to sell – remember, we buy any porn



We buy any porn photos. Any era and any quantity. From Victorian era postcards through to glamour shots and promotional photos. We will buy sets or individual photos. Any quantity from just one through to a few thousand. We will also buy negatives of any size and format


We buy any porn films. We buy boxed and unboxed, We will buy standard and super 8mm cine film, as well as 16mm. We will buy films with sound and without. We will buy either black and white or colour, even sepia tone if you have it!


We buy any amateur porn. Whether its on cine film, video, or dvd we will buy it from you. Any format, any era, and any quantity